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In exclusivity: Available for licensing or assignment of exclusive exploitation rights

Automatic and transportable instant photography & printing system, connectable to networks and customizable

In exclusivity, for a fast-growing market where obtaining patents is almost impossible, we offer you the unique opportunity to acquire the licensing or assignment of exclusive exploitation rights of a simple, portable and low-cost technology that allows you to take pictures of your parties, family events or professional seminars, and that you can print instantly or share at will from your web server or on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, Pinterest, etc…)

Functional Demonstrators

Enjoy the best
photobooth solution on the market

The only technology protected in this market and available for licensing or assignment of exclusive exploitation rights.

Two demonstrators were designed to prove the concept (TRL 7).

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Simplicity and performance

The protected invention is an easy-to-use photobooth technology with only three steps.


Set up the Device

The user sets up his device using the buttons located on the box. It can thus define the format of the image, the taking of a color or black and white photo,…



The user stands in front of the machine and positions himself on the photo by returning the video to the LCD screen. The user then activates the main push button to take a picture of himself.


Print or share the photo

The photo is immediately saved and then printed or sent to a remote server or social networks depending on the user’s choices.

Technology Benefits

This technology offers many advantages over current traditional or portable photobooth technologies on the market.

Ease of use

Only one button to press to take, save and share a photo. Other buttons with customizable features allow you to define user choices. A touch screen LCD can be added to increase user interaction.

Use in all locations

The device can be used in all places and under all conditions of use. Use of any place for any professional or family event Authorizes group shots or selfies in black & white or colour

Connectivity to all systems

This technology provides connectivity with all current and future wired and wireless communications systems (WiFi Ethernet, Bluetooth, NFC, 4G, 5G, …). Photos can be automatically uploaded to a web server or broadcast live on all social networks (Snapchat, Facebook, Linkedin, Flicker, Pinterest, Twitter,…)

Size and weight of the device

This technology is currently the most optimized solution on the market in terms of miniaturization. Its weight and dimensions allow the user to easily transport his product without using a dedicated carrier. With a surface area barely larger than an A4 sheet, the product can be easily positioned on a table or any other equivalent support.

Image size, resolution and quality

The size, resolution and quality of digital images are directly related to the size, resolution and quality of its integrated thermal printer.

The images are printed on professional quality photo paper in A6 or 4×6″ (10x15cm) format.

Easy to maintain

The system is very easy to maintain. The user only intervenes to replenish the printer with paper or ink. For the manufacturer, this operation guarantees to maintain a privileged relationship with its customer by purchasing consumables that make the business model extremely viable.

Customizable Box

The box is fully adaptable and customizable according to the needs of the event or customer. The manufacturer can easily add advertising, logos, QR code,… for specific promotional events such as business seminars, sports or cultural events,…

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Examples of use cases

This technology, which is offered as a license or as an assignment of exploitation rights, has already proven its great potential at various professional or family events such as parties or weddings. It allowed guests to take pictures, print them and share them easily. Its small size and weight made it easier to transport to different locations for these professional evenings or seminars. Its playful and retro side has generated a significant infatuation with a very positive impact on relationships and networks.

Professional Events

One of the demonstrators was used during seminars organized by DAVIOT Group. The guests were able to keep a record of the contacts made during these events and thus increase their professional network with positive feedback.

Family Events

During weddings, the demonstrators conquered the guests and made it possible to make immemorial memories available without having to wait several weeks to obtain the pictures of a photographer. These photos were shared with family members who were too distant or too old to attend these events.

Exhibitions and conferences

Its simplicity of use, its look, its dimensions and its weight are all assets that make this technology an essential product for trade shows in order to easily keep in touch with all prospects without the need for a badge reader.

Sports Events

Whether for indoor or outdoor sports competitions, the proposed technology will meet the expectations of its users by allowing them to keep an unforgettable memory of their event.

Cultural Events

Thanks to the personalization of the photos, each concert, each show will be a unique moment for the spectator that he will be able to preserve or share with his friends or family.

Main Technical Specifications

Shots taken

Photo resolution 1600×1200
Layout of configurable images 1, 2 or 4 photos per page (continuous mode)
Color or Black&White mode

Photo Processing

Automatic image processing (brightness, contrast)
Customization of images by adding filters, texts, images or predefined logos (optional)

Printing System

Instantaneous printing by thermal sublimation
3-colour ink (yellow, cyan, magenta) with protective layer
Maximum resolution 300 × 300

Printing Speed

47 seconds in 4×6″ or 10×15 cm on professional quality photo paper
256 levels per color for 24-bit color depth


Ethernet cable connection
Wireless communication
WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G/4G/5G, …

Flexible Code

C/C+++, Python, Qt, …
Integrated web/FTP/email servers
html, PhP, Java, ruby,…

Power supply

Mains power supply
Autonomous power supply thanks to a supplied battery

Server & Cloud

Backup photos internally (SD card) and on a remote server
Sharing on social networks


Detailed presentation of the technology

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Protected Invention

Protected internationally (2017)
Protected in France (2016)
Inventor: Olivier COUSTON

Available for licensing or assignment of exclusive exploitation rights.

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