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My Little Photobooth – Application Areas

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Areas of application of the technology

As part of the company’s intangible assets, the proposed technology will provide it with a major long-term economic competitiveness in the development and marketing of photobooth, as well as in the development and marketing of other products that target subsidiary markets.

About the technologyTechnical specifications

Design and marketing of push-button Photobooth

This technology allows the manufacturer to exclusively design interactive, transportable and automatic photobooth that offer many advantages over current technologies.

Design and marketing of interactive toys for children

This technology has also proven its worth in the face of parents and children who have quickly adopted it. The low cost makes it possible to produce interactive and fun toys.

Design and marketing of instant printing cameras

This technology can easily be miniaturized to become the instant shooting and printing system for all life situations and transportable to any location.

Design and marketing of Interactive Advertising Machines

This technology can be used in the field of advertising and promotional offers in stores and shopping malls.

Consult some use cases

This technology, which is offered as a license or as an assignment of exploitation rights, has already proven its great potential at various professional or family events such as parties or weddings. Feel free to consult our examples of use.

Examples of use cases

Detailed presentation of the technology

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Protected Invention

Protected internationally (2017)
Protected in France (2016)
Inventor: Olivier COUSTON

Available for licensing or assignment of exclusive exploitation rights.

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