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Investment Strategy Consulting

Innovelys - Enhance your Innovation

For several years, public authorities have put in place incentives (IR-SME, ISF-SME, Corporate Venture, …) for the risk taking of investors in the capital of VSE / SME to promote the emergence of their innovations , growth and employment factors.

Despite this incentive framework to support the Innovation sector, its unpredictable long-term profitability, which is inherently uncertain and risky, especially for emerging technologies, can be seen as individual savings.

Thus, a good knowledge of the ecosystem of the target company and its technologies will help secure the investment. For this purpose, Innovelys offers a set of services for investors who wish to finance innovation or the creation of technology companies through a fund (Corporate Venture, Business Angels, Investment Funds). “Investment, FCPI, FIP) or live, to assess the scientific, technical and / or commercial positioning of a portfolio of patents, technologies, processes or services held by a Start-Up or an SME.


The objective is to help investors refine their thinking in the analysis of technological performance to advise them in their participation.